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Looking for a power increase or a more economical map for commuting. We have a comprehensive database of remaps for you — use the search tool to explore the options for your vehicle.

Step 1

Search for your vehicle using
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Some engines have many different features that can be selected during checkout such as:
• EGR removal
• Launch Control
• Stop/Start Removal
• Rev-Limit (Hard-cut)
• Hot/Cold starting repair

Step 2

Follow the guides on how to use your laptop and USB interface to extract a copy of your current ECU map, after you will need to upload the file to the customer portal and attach it to your purchase. We will then begin constructing your custom map as requested.

Step 3

Write your new ECU file to your vehicle. Enjoy!

Unlock the potential of your engine.

Download customised and tested maps for your car, EGR delete, DPF Removal, Power Increase, Hot-start Fix - You can configure the map you want via our online portal.

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We analyse your stock map before supplying you with the replacement.

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Our Online Platform is designed to make the process of remapping your own vehicle as straight forward as possible, the step-by-step guides will take you from start to finish with unlocking your vehicles potential.

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