1. A thorough diagnostic inspection of the vehicle is recommended prior to writing a new map to the ECU. Pre-existing issues could can become increasingly pronounced after remapping your vehicle.
  2. You as the customer must ensure that faults which have previously triggered the EML (Engine Management Light) to illuminate have been correctly resolved. Fault codes that are stored during the remap write process can create issues.
  3. Sensors are critical to the remap and it is highly recommended that genuine OEM are used throughout your engine as data feeds may differ slightly with imitation units: (MAF) Mass Air Flow, (EGT) Exhaust Temperature Sensor, Coolant Temperature Sensor, Fuel Temperature Sensor, (MAP) Manifold Air Pressure Sensor, (RFP) Fuel Rail Pressure, (DEP) DPF Differential Pressure Sensor, (o2) Lambda Sensor.
  4. The remapping process guide MUST be followed step-by-step and it is crucial that the vehicle you are writing changes is connected to a battery charger attached during the entire process, failing to do this can cause irreparable damage to the ECU. You must also use mains power to the computer running the software as running from a battery increases the chances of failure.
  5. Carrying out a remap will increase the performance and in turn demands more from the drivetrain and other related components of your engine – we accept no liability for any failed components. You should ensure that the Clutch, Flywheel and Turbo(s) are in good health during the inspection before carrying out a remap.
  6. We offer no warranty on any components of your vehicle prior during or after the remapping process, by doing this you acknowledge the risks and do so at your own accord.
  7. Each remap file is specifically tailored to the vehicle you have selected during the checkout process, attempting to re-use a file on another identical vehicle can result in problems which we offer no support.
  8. Should you experience problems with the map a support option is available but is limited to 7 days from date of file purchase, you must report issues within this timeframe otherwise we cannot act.
  9. Remapping your ECU is a modification of your vehicle and should be declared to your insurance provider, this will result in a change in the premium.
  10. The checkout process has been designed to accurately select your vehicle and engine variant – we offer no refunds for incorrect map purchases. your VIN and Registration will be required during this process to ensure you’ve selected the correct map. Should you be unsure please utilise the contact form and a response will be given within 48 hours.
  11. Although we offer how-to guides to assist with the process, acquiring the current map from the vehicle and uploading it is the customer's responsibility.
  12. Remapping your engine will change the emissions profile of your vehicle and might result in a failure during MOT tests.