General Questions
Overheads, wages, knowledge and profit make up all remapping costs. By doing it yourself you remove the expensive overheads and wages. We aim to offer as much support as you need during your own remap.
Remappers has built a reputation at creating maps with modest gains, keeping torque levels lower than the standard clutch can handle and BHP high enough for spirited drivers. Beyond what we offer we strongly recommend a full rolling road tuning who may be able to get what you wish.
We strictly support VAG tdi cars between late 1999 and 2007 (some models up to 2009 depending upon when models changed). Between 1999 and 2006 VAG tdi cars had to be able to be adjusted via the OBD port, pre 1999 the ECU would need "chipped", post 2007 the ECU needs removed and remapped on the bench. We don't offer remaps for newer ECUs.